Fund Performance Report as of 09/01/2023

September 2023 Fund Performance:

Regarding our fund performance in September, I’m pleased to report a notable increase in the fund’s NAV, rising from $480,312.73 to $488,451.57, signifying a commendable 1.6945% gain. It’s worth noting that while we exceeded market performance, we also underwent crucial strategy optimizations. This led to fewer active trading days and slightly diminished performance. However, these adjustments were essential for our long-term growth. The detailed portfolio NAV statement provides a comprehensive price comparison between August and September. In September, we executed 1,229 trades, significantly contrasting to the 5,325 trades in August, marking a nearly five-fold reduction. This resulted in a PNL of $1,238.42. I’m confident that our trading volume will surge post-optimization, offering greater profit potential even with similar trade volumes.

Fund Performance Since Inception:

Since the inception of the new Fehu Capital Fund, we’ve realized an impressive net PNL percentage of 4.9192%, resulting in a gain of $24,292.27. This translates to an average monthly return of 1.2067%, suggesting a potential annual gain of 14.48% if our current trajectory holds. What’s particularly gratifying is that we’re accomplishing this with relatively low volatility, underscoring our confidence in the chosen path forward.

Options Strategy Update:

Building on our earlier conversation, we’ve embarked on Crypto Options trading. I’m pleased to share that from an initial investment of $52,247.15, we’ve generated $1010.69. This translates to an impressive six-week return of 1.9%, achieved with minimal volatility. Looking ahead, should we maintain this trajectory, it promises a robust 16.46% annualized return, all while maintaining a stable performance profile.

Eugene Migirov

Fehu Capital | Managing Director

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