Fund Performance Report 11/01/2023

Fehu Capital, LP
Monthly Fund Performance Update for November

Fehu Capital, LP

Monthly Investor Update – November 2023

Dear Investors,

As we close November, I am pleased and eager to share the notable progress Fehu Capital has made throughout the month. Our commitment to delivering fund performance and optimizing strategies is as strong as on the first day we started; the recent developments outlined below will show our dedication.

Trade Station Account – Options Strategy:  First, I need to note that we made a mistake in reporting how much we transferred to the Trade Station Account (we reported a transfer of $99,895, but the actual amount transferred was $98,100). I apologize for the mistake and will ensure this does not happen again. On a positive note, I am happy to report that November was an excellent month for our Equities Options Writing Strategy performance. We started the month with an NAV Account of $98,179.37 and ended it with a Net Value of $101,825.07 with a profit of $3,645.70, which translates to 3.713%. I am also glad we achieved that return by being well-diversified across multiple equities and industries.

November Fund Performance: We proudly report that November was a fruitful month for Fehu Capital. We realized a gain of $1787.70, and our NAV rose to a healthy $596,111.27. Since we started actively managing the fund seven months ago, we have Net Realized Profits of $28,567.35. Our net annualized Realized Percent P&L is 5.7593%; this makes me very happy, especially considering our initial challenges and prudent risk parameters.

Crypto Options Strategy: I am pleased to report that our Crypto Options Strategy is performing in line with our expectations. In November, it generated a profit of $764.66. Considering that about $53,700 is deployed in this area, it consistently delivers a monthly return of about 1.3%.  With our plans to automate this process in 2024, we anticipate much improvement in its performance and profitability.

Looking Ahead: As we are inching closer to the end of 2023, I look forward to better performance in 2024. As we enter 2024, we will not have to face such organizational challenges as we faced during 2023, with sufficient accounts in operation and more time to develop and automate our strategies. I must say that while nothing is ever certain, we are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that will come our way.

In Closing: I want to reiterate that our journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience, diligence, and strategic planning are the pillars upon which we intend to build our future successes.

As always, your trust and partnership are invaluable to us. And your continued support is greatly appreciated.

I also wish you a Very Happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas.

Best regards,

Eugene Migirov / Managing Director, Fehu Capital, LP.

Eugene Migirov

Fehu Capital | Managing Director

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